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Message Broker agent: Brokers not shown in TEP under the broker agent item

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Message Broker agent: Brokers not shown in TEP under the broker agent item


The message broker agent is starting fine but the java sub-process needed for monitoring brokers can't start and so no brokers can be shown in TEP. This is due to permissions of some temporary files in /tmp directory.

The temporary files mentioned have names similar to the following (actual names depend on instance name of the KQI agent and on the installation path of the monitored message broker):


If you run KQI agent for the first time and you use root user, the files under /tmp will be generated by root user. So these files cannot be written by other users.
When you switch to a non-root user (start agent with non-root user), KQI agent will encounter a problem because it can not open the existing temporary files kqijtemp_<inst>__opt_IIB_ibm_mqsi_9.0.0.2 in write mode.
And that will cause java sub-process startup to fail.
To resolve this issue, you just need to remove KQI related files under /tmp before restarting it.

To know more about those temporary files and their usage you can access the published technote



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