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ITM Agent Insights: ITCAM Agent Workspaces go blank in Portal TEPS.

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ITM Agent Insights: ITCAM Agent Workspaces go blank in Portal TEPS.


ITCAM for Oracle Extended Agent version is The ITCAM Oracle Extended Agent is configured on servers with the Default Database Configurations. When you check the Net Service Connection workspace, you see the Net Config Connections as well as the Listeners information.

Once you add a database to the Database Connections page on the configuration screen on the ITCAM Agent via the portal, once it is saved and restarted, all the workspaces in the ITCAM Agent (in particular the Net Service Connection workspace) are blank.


This Blog helps you resolve the issue.

If you are seeing a lot of ORA-12545 errors in the logs for the agent the error occurs when the client is not able to contact the listener on the node specified. For example: when the listener has not been started on the node, if the node address has been specified incorrectly, or a firewall blocks access.


Most commonly, this is seen in a RAC environment with multiple SCAN listeners. Below are instructions for configuring the listener.ora file to monitor RAC SCAN listeners:


To start, the current design of listener monitoring:

a) the agent parses listener.ora, and gets listener addresses.

b) the agent tries to reach the listener addresses one by one using Oracle utility 'tnsping' or OCI API ServerAttach(), to determine the listener's status according to the output.


So, given the contents of the listener.ora, the Oracle agent cannot get the real address of SCAN listener from $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/listener.ora.

Take LISTENER_SCAN3 in listener.ora as an example:



The agent can only monitor SCAN listeners if the customer manually defines a new listener.ora in a separate directory with the SCAN listeners' real address or hostname.

Example using LISTENER_SCAN3:



Note: Replace and with real listener IP or hostname and the DB port number, respectively.

Reconfigure the agent instance and set the configuration parameter:


"Net Configuration Files Directories(KRZ_TNS_PATHS)"


as the full path of the manually defined listener.ora, so that the agent can read the new listener.ora.

And then restart the agent instance.

Lastly, instruct the customer to change the agent configuration parameter:




The agent will not load $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin/listener.ora and tnsnames.ora with this configuration.




Restart the agent instance.









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