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ITM Agent Insight: Images are broken in OS Agents Prerequisites Scanner Reports

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ITM Agent Insight: Images are broken in OS Agents Prerequisites Scanner Reports


This blog is intended to help you understand and walk you through steps where after manually importing Cognos/OS Agent reports into Tivoli Common Reporting (TCR), the images within the reports appear as broken images when running OS Agents Prerequisites reports or any other reports. Cognos report packages or OS agents reports do not contain images. After importing a Cognos-based and OS agent report package, the TCR administrator will need to copy the static images to the correct folder, depending on the type of TCR installation in order for the images to display. Prior to copying the .*.gif files to the TCR server, the images appear broken. 

Prerequisites scanner Report with broken Images screenshot: 



Prerequisites scanner Report without broken images screenshot:





  Here is an example of the find command to run on a Unix/Linux  

  • Expand the zip file that contains the Agent reports and find the "images" directory (the location of this images directory will vary depending on the Report package)
  • Example of find command ran on a UNIX/Linux server used to locate the images directory after expanding the ITM 6.3 Fixpack 2 OS Agents zip file

# find . -name images -type d -print

  • Output of the command: 


  • Copy all .*.gif files from the images directory to the appropriate directory depending on the type of TCR installation

For TCR single-computer installation:

  •    Copy the images to the following location: 
  •            TCR_install_dir\profiles\TIPProfile\installedApps\TIPCell\IBM Cognos 8.ear\p2pd.war\tivoli

For TCR distributed installation: 
a. Copy the images to all computers with user interface installed to the following location: 

           TCR_install_dir\profiles\TIPProfile\installedApps\TIPCell\IBM Cognos 8 Servlet Gateway.ear\ServletGateway.war\tivoli 
b. Copy the images to all computers with Tivoli® Common Reporting engine, to the following location: 


NOTE: To display the images for ITM Cognos OS Agents reports, the directory "ITM/images" must be created in the path listed above because it is not there after importing reports manually.

Below is the procedure to correct the issue with the broken images in GUI interference within console:

1. Locate the ITM 6.3 Agent Reports Installation Media your site used to install the OS Agent Reports

2. In the Installation Media there is an images directory in a path similar to this:


All *.gif files in above images folder must be Copied and placed to 2 following locations under the JazzSM home directory.

 /opt/IBM/JazzSM/profile/installedApps/JazzSMNode01Cell/IBM Cognos.ear/p2pd.war/tivoli/ITM/images

and                            and


After placing the *.gif files in the correct JazzSM directories, run the ITM OS Agent Prerequisites report.  To access the report use this procedure:

  1. Login to DASH and navigate to TCR and click “Tivoli Common reporting”     

  2. Select the IBM Tivoli Monitoring OS Agent Reports




  1. Select Prerequisites Validation   




  1. Select OS Agent Report Prerequisites Scanner




  1. Select DB2 for the DB Type
    Select "Show all sections " for the Report Type, Select Summarization type and
    click Finish to Run the report



  1. After the report run, choose the option to view the report in PDF format.  Save the PDF file and attach the file to the PMR



  1. New window pops up for Google Chrome – (Depending on Browser)

  2. See the Sample report where all images are back and not broken now as you can see it into introduction of this blog









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