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How to create and submit a new ER for the APM product or any product in the ITSM family.

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How to create and submit a new ER for the APM product or any product in the ITSM family.


From time to time, you may want to open a new enhancement request (ER) using a RFE to document a new feature/function. Or perhaps L2 Support has requested a Request for Enhancement (RFE) be opened to document your request/function/feature.  The link to open a new RFE is here:

First search existing RFE's to see if your requested function/feature has already been submitted.  If not, then click on Submit,  login if prompted (free registration), and then choose the Brand / Product Family / Product as follows (see screenshot below).  Note this is for the Application Performance Monitoring product.  If you are using a different product in the same Product Family, then choose the appropriate product.


Fill in all the fields and make sure you provide an User Case and Business Justification, the more info you provide about your enhancement request, the better.  You can add the RFE you created to the Watchlist and choose to be notified if you so desire every time a new Request is submitted for the Product you specify.  Once you have filled in all the fields, go ahead and submit it.  You will get an unique RFE ID, and a clickable public URL/link.  If you have a Case open, put this public link in your Case before closing the Case. Typically, the Product Development Team (PDT) will review the open RFEs submitted and depending on the Votes received, the Priorities and available Resources, a decision will be made if your RFE will be included in the next Release or not.

Good luck. Smile

Noel Lewis

ITCAM / APM L2 Support team


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