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Intermittent login problems or unable to login to the APM console.

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Intermittent login problems or unable to login to the APM console.


If you are having problems logging into the APM console, this blog will document some steps you can do to resolve this.    The usual symptoms are that you will get the login page, but after you login initially, the URL at the top of the page will change to the authentication URL (like its supposed to do), but you will get a page not found message.  Another symptom might be that after you use the login page to login, you will get a page not found immediately, or after a short timeout of a second or two, you will get the page not found error message.

This is usually caused by using the localhost/localdomain in the fully qualified short name.    Go to your $APM_HOME/ccm/logs dir and open up your apm-server-install_<date-time-stamp>.log logfile.   This is the log file that gets created during the initial install.  Search for "Fully qualified domain name" in the file.  If you see something like this (see screenshot below), then that's causing the login/networking problems.










So, there are 2 ways to fix this:

* you can redo the server settings again by running the script using the steps in this link

* a second option is to simply uninstall and reinstall if you have time, this will be a onger option, but cleaner.  When the install comes back up again, you will get prompted for the fully qualified domain name / short name.  At that point, use a valid fully qualified domain name as shown in this example below, from my test system:














After you finish the APM server install, do a apm status and verify all the APM services are running.  Now login to your APM console and verify that the login works correctly.   You should not see any login/network connectivity issues now.

Good luck. Smile

Noel Lewis

ITCAM / APM / ICAM L2 Support team


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