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How to get an Inventory listing of APM agents connected to your APM server.

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How to get an Inventory listing of APM agents connected to your APM server.


You can get a listing of all APM agents connected to your APM Server.  This is particularly useful when some Agents will not display in the Component Editor because no data is being sent (for example, the DataPower and JBoss agents will not show up unless some data is collected and sent to the APM server.)   So, if you want to see if these agents (and others) have successfully connected to your APM server irrespective of whether data has been collected or not, you can get an inventory listing at the APM server.  To get the APM inventory of all your agents,open up a browser, and go to:


 - you should get a listing of all agents connected to the APM (MIN) server first.  Here is an example of how it should look.





You will see the different Agents connected, if they're offline/online, and the agent system IP along with the Agent Inventory Summary and Details..

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Noel Lewis

ITCAM / APM / ICAM L2 Support team


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