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Debugging GC data in TEPS using a non-IBM JRE with the YJ agent.

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Debugging GC data in TEPS using a non-IBM JRE with the YJ agent.


If you are using the J2EE YJ v7. or higher agent with a non-IBM JRE, then you may not see all the GC data like Allocation Failures and GC cycles in your TEPS views for the Garbage Collection navigator item.   For exampe, if you are using the Tomcat server with Oracle Hotspot JDK v1.7 or higher, then you wil not see GC Allocation Failures in the TEPS views.   If you would like to work around this, then you have to download and configure the J2EE YJ v7. (or higher) agent with the IBM JRE.  So, here are your steps:

* unconfigure the existing YJ J2EE agent first

* recycle your J2EE server

* install the IBM JRE

* reconfig the YJ J2EE agent back again using the newly installed IBM JRE this time

* restart the server instance and agent to pick up the new changes

* put some load on the server, observe gc activity in the gc.log logfile first, make sure its got the latest timestamp, then login to the TEPS and observe any Allocation Failures on the GC views.

The IBM JRE can be downloaded from here.  Recommend using JRE 1.7 or v1.8 at this time (2H2018).

Good luck. Smile

Noel Lewis

ITCAM / APM / ICAM L2 Support team


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