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How to compress the ITCAM Managing Server octigate database tables to get back more disk space.

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How to compress the ITCAM Managing Server octigate database tables to get back more disk space.


If you've been using the ITCAM Managing Server to view data from your monitored Data Collectors over few years now, its likely that some of your tables in the octigate database may be heavily used.  This can lead to large amounts of table space usage over time.  If you want to get back some disk space, you can compress these heavily used tables and free up some disk space.  Here are the general steps you will do to achieve this:

1. First login and connect to the octigate database and verify what tables are used up.  You will need to identify the top tables that consume the most amount of disk space, please see this technote which shows you how to do that.

2. After you have identified your top tables that consume the most space, you will then use these steps to compress the database tables for each table:

* extract out the schema (ddl) for the table

* export out all the data from the table - you will need to reload this data back later.

* drop the table

* recreate it back again from the ddl you saved earlier

* re-import or reload the data back again.

Do this one-by-one for all the top tables that consume large amount of disk space.  For details on how to do the above steps with detailed screenshots please see this technote.

Once you have compressed the tables, you should have gained some additional disk space back again.  Note that this will only work if the DB2 High Water Mark level is low.  There are some hints and tips on how to achieve this in this technote.  In my test octigate database (DB2 V10.5 FP7 running on AIX  I got back about 7% to 8% of additional disk space when I did these steps few times over few months.  If you would like to do the same, you should probably test this in a Test environment first to familiarize yourself with the steps described in the above technotes.

Good luck. :-)

Noel Lewis

ITCAM / APM / ICAM L2 Support team


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