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Difference between using APM 814 Base or APM 814 Advanced Offerings.

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Difference between using APM 814 Base or APM 814 Advanced Offerings.


From Application Performance Management (APM) version 814 forward, you have the choice of using APM 814 Base or APM 814 Advanced.  This short blog provides a quick overview of the differences between the two.

The APM v814 Base offering is primarily used for Resource Monitoring of your applications, application components and Cloud-based workloads.  The Resource Monitoring Base version  helps you identify slow transaction, capacity issues, performance issues and outages.  The APM Base v814 comes with a set of Monitoring Agents and Data Collectors that you will install and configure to monitor your servers and applications installed in your enterprise.

If you want to use APM v814 Advanced, in addition to the Resource Monitoring functions described in APM v814 Base, you will also have the capability to do Transaction Tracking with an enhanced user-interface experience.  You can use the APM 814 Advanced offering to identify performance bottlenecks in your Application code, advanced transaction tracking, and it also comes with a set of Monitoring Agents and Data Collectors  that you use to monitor applications, transactions, and other resources that are installed in your enterprise.  Basically, your IT / DevOps teams has a more comprehensive and complete solution that provides full level visibility and control over your enterprise applications and critical applications.

If you use APM v814 Base and later on want to migrate to APM v814 Advanced, you won't be able to at this time.   You'll have to uninstall the APM v814 Base version, and install the APM 814 Advanced version  Note that APM v814 Base and APM v814 Advanced are two separate part numbers and thus, two different file downloads from Passport Advantage.  Please see this Table 1 here for a full list of features for each offering.

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Noel Lewis

ITCAM / APM / ICAM L2 Support team


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