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Using the ITCAM Demo application to simulate Requests with ITCAM / APM.

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Using the ITCAM Demo application to simulate Requests with ITCAM / APM.


So let's say you have your WAS server being monitored but don't have any Applications deployed/started on it yet.   The ITCAM L3/Dev team has created a "demo" Application where you can install this application easily on to your WAS profile (Liberty or Standard) and then run/monitor this application.

This is useful because it saves time if you are looking for a quick solution to "try out" a monitored application and to see ITCAM related data of the monitored application.  You can do things like create Servlets, JSP Requests, Method and Stack Traces, etc.. etc..  Try out some different transactions and observe results on your ITCAM / APM GUI.

If you would like to use this demo application, please see this technote for details on how to install, configure and usage.

Good luck. Smile
Noel Lewis

ITCAM / APM / ICAM L2 team


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