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How to define a Threshold to avoid the SAP agent internal alerts.

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How to define a Threshold to avoid the SAP agent internal alerts.


The SAP Agent has some predefined internal alerts from the Computing Center Management System (CCMS).   You will find these internal alerts, along with the Severities and class of alerts in the table defined on page 58 in the SAP Users' Guide.  If you want to be informed for all alerts (includiing Reporting alerts from CCMS) but don't want to be informed on these internal SAP agent alerts, here are the steps you can use in a Situation.

To view only SAP Alerts on the Alerts Workspace with Critical alert of System Down and up, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the CCMS Alerts workspace
  2. Right click inside the view “Alert Information”
  3. Go to Properties
  4. Click on “Filter" tab
  5. Add the values shown below:

























The internal alerts are 9900 to 9915 so make sure you use both these numbers in the filter.  You can find the table with all the alerts in page 58 on this SAP Users' guide.

Click on Apply, Ok, and Save the Workspace.

To trigger the Situation only for SAP Alerts and not the internal Agent alerts, add the attribute "RaisedBy" in the Situation formula as shown below and save the changes.









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Noel Lewis

ITCAM / APM / ICAM L2 Support team


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