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How to get a free 30-day Trial version of a SaaS-based APM from the IBM Marketplace.

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How to get a free 30-day Trial version of a SaaS-based APM from the IBM Marketplace.


So you want try out the new Application Performance Management (APM) software to monitor your WebSphere Application Servers, Web Servers or other systems, but don't want to go through the time and effort (and knowledge) to install and configure the APM server.  Well, there's good news for you.  IBM has made it easier to get an APM server and you can get one very quickly via a trial 30-day no-cost SaaS subscription from the IBM Marketplace.  Here are the short steps to get one quickly.

1. First go to this site, login (free registration): 

2. In the top right corner of the page, you'll find a Search field.  Search for Application Performance Management and you will get few results.  Choose IBM Cloud Application Performance Management (should be the first, second or third link in the list of results returned) and click on it.

3. You will then see a small box "Free 30-day trial" - click on that, and you can then request one here.  You will get an email from IBM Marketplace in about 5 to 10 minutes with your subscription information. 

4. In that email, you will get a "Products and services" link which you can click on, and it will take you to this page.  In this page, you will click on "Launch" and that will take you directly to the new APM SaaS-based Cloud server.

(Note: from time to time, the marketing team re-arranges these pages, so the hits you get might get a bit deeper.  So, you can find the 30-day free trial page directly here.)


You can go directly here:



This is how you will get your APM SaaS-based Cloud server.  The first 30-days are free and you will get a reminder email towards the end of your free trial period if you wish to extend for a low-cost monthly option.  Go on, try it.  You know you want one!

Of course, now that you have your own APM server, you will need some Agents to monitor whatever systems you want to monitor.   You can download Agents for your monitored systems by clicking on "Manage" (see above screenshot) in the page listed in step 4 above.  Go to Downloads and you will see agent tar/zip files there to download.  Download those files to whatever systems you want to monitor and use them there.  Once you have configured your agents, they will then show up on this APM console you've logged into.

Good luck. Smile
Noel Lewis

ITCAM / APM / ICAM L2 Support team


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