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DB2 Monitoring customized for the DBA

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DB2 Monitoring customized for the DBA


Database administrators usually have a favorite set of queries which they run for making sure that all is well in their DB2 world.

The monitoring team is responsible for matching the performance metrics returned by the DBA's queries with attributes provided by the DB2 monitoring agent.

If the metric is provided by the agent, then the monitoring team can use it to create a situation which alerts the DBA, can start historical data collection for trending and reporting and so on.

If the attribute is not provided by the agent, what then?

Until ITCAM monitoring agent for DB2 v7.1 came along, the only option was to open a Request for Enhancement (RFE), and then wait for it to be implemented.

DB2 monitoring agent v7.1 has an important enhancement, noted in the agent documentation as "Support for customized SQL monitoring".

This enhancement allows you to monitor a set of DB2 metrics of your choosing - which can be retrieved using a SELECT SQL statement.

I encourage you to exploit this feature to enhance your DB2 monitoring agent.

Included below is some information to get you started:

Attribute groups related to Customized SQL monitoring: Review these in the DB2 monitoring agent documentation.

DB2 Monitoring agent, V7.1 Reference Guide

Customized SQL Definition
Customized SQL Status
Customized SQL Detail

Review these technotes for usage of Customized SQL monitoring feature:

Monitor auto resize tablespace with page size using Customized SQL feature

PureScale cluster, Last Backup Timestamp monitoring

Display worst performing SQLs

Enable history collection for Customized SQL Result  


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