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Universal Agents and historical graph legends.

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Universal Agents and historical graph legends.










Universal Agents and historical graph legends.

Universal agents are a bit long in the tooth now, and Agent builder is the way to go, but I bet there is still a number of you out there with UA agents running.

Came across this the other day, a multiple point line graph after it was running for a number of hours; the colours and sometimes the legends of a graph switch.

so say graph was
lineA  - red
lineb - green
linec - blue

suddenly lineA would be green and the legend would read lineb - but it was lineA data


Here is an example of a change:






After being left to run for a number of hours the graph then showed;






After a number of issues where looked at checking that the data in warehouse was correct etc, a little known apar IV06637 was found that states;

"The way the tep client handles legend labels for a UA agent is different than standard agents.

The UA meta file which defines the UA application attributes must use the following parameter in the attribute definition.


The above keyword added to the attribute definition in the UA's MDL file will generate the following keyword in the ODI file
generated by the UA application.


The ODi *OPTION PRIMARYKEY=0 definition will allow the tep client to properly keep track of legend labels for UA and
specifically when there is a filter being used on the attribute in the filters page of the TEP workspace properties dialog."

Once the UA was reconfigured to use this paramater  OPTION{PRIMARYKEY=0}

the legend labels were consistant all the time.

It should be noted that there have been other issues in this area but they were solved in 6.22 FP09 or 6.23 FP05

This issue was in an environment at one of these levels and similar graphs from other agents (for example the MQ agents) were displaying correctly.


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