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Reverting the ci, ax, ue and ui components

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Reverting the ci, ax, ue and ui components



Reverting the ci, ax, ue and ui components

Installed MQ Agent support for 7.3 agent and ITM 6.23 on AIX?

It is documented that the MQ agent needs 6.3 FP02 to work correctly but if you have installed the support
on to your 6.23  AIX ITM system, can you recover?

 If you have done this the type of issues that you will see is that:

- TEP logon via WebStart does not work for all clients
- tacmd login does not work
- KSY agent startup fails (installed in Hub TEMS candlehome)

The reason for these issues is because the MQ Agent updates the  ax, ui, ci, and ue components.

If you have taken a back up before the support was updated then the best steps are to roll back to that save.

However if there is no back up then it is possible to revert the ci, ax, ue and ui components back to the
same version as the Monitoring Server.

In the case seen it was

1) Set the CANDLEHOME environment variable on the teps and tems:
2) Set the MEDIA environment variable.


3) Modify the following list of files in $CANDLEHOME/registry:
   cienv.ver, axaix526.ver, axaix536.ver, ueaix536.ver, uiaix536.ver
   NOTE: axaix526.ver is only found on the Monitoring Server system.
   Revert the "VRMF=" and "ver=" entries in each file the same way:
   The "VRMF=" entry will look as follows after it is changed:
VRMF = 06230200
The "ver=" entry will look as follows after it is changed:
ver = 623
4) Stop all running ITM components.
$CANDLEHOME/bin/itmcmd server stop HUB_*
$CANDLEHOME/bin/itmcmd agent stop hd
$CANDLEHOME/bin/itmcmd agent stop cq

5) Verify that they have stopped.
$CANDLEHOME/bin/cinfo -r
6) Using the media that was previously used to install the Monitoring
   and Portal Servers, perform a silent install using the tfaix536.txt
   silent install response file.

$MEDIA/ -h $CANDLEHOME -q -p $MEDIA/unix/tfaix536.txt

Then second command is needed to restore the UE:

$MEDIA/ -h $CANDLEHOME -q -p $MEDIA/unix/ueaix536.txt

7) Verify that the ITM components have been properly reverted.
$CANDLEHOME/bin/cinfo -t
   No entries will be displaying the version
   The following components will display the version of
   ax ... aix523
   ax ... aix526
   ax ... aix533
   ax ... aix536
   ue ... aix536
   ui ... aix536
   The "Installer Lvl:" will now display the version of
8) Restart all the previously running ITM components.

$CANDLEHOME/bin/itmcmd server start HUB_deehqam010hlcxm
$CANDLEHOME/bin/itmcmd agent start hd
 $CANDLEHOME/bin/itmcmd agent start cq

This should solve the issues listed at the start of this blog.

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