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Messages in systemout.log "Defaulting to use of global affinity"

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Messages in systemout.log "Defaulting to use of global affinity"



Messages in systemout.log "Defaulting to use of global affinity"

What are the cause of the errors in systemout.log that are in the format:

[11/07/15 17:19:47:974 CEST] 00000029 SitEventModel E dispatchEvents
(PBasedTable) EXCEPTION: Defaulting to use of global affinity: &IBM.
11/07/15 17:21:23:498 CEST] 00000029 SitEventModel E dispatchEvents
(PBasedTable) EXCEPTION: Incoming event affinity is invalid:

These are informational messages stating that the affinity used on an event that is being sent to an event server (normally Omnibus) is being changed to a global one.

The affinity is the long code, in this example "0000000O0WW000W0000000000000004000000000000".
It is an internal code that identifies the agent type and sometimes the version.

In this case it was investigated and there were two affinities that were being changed.
Both belonged to the IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager Agent for J2EE (the yj agent)

It was checked that this change was not causing any problems by:

1) Identifying the situations that used the affinity

2) Checking that when events arrived in ITM for these situations that they were being sent correctly to the Event Server.

To check the first of these, a table in the HUB TEMS had to be reviewed, 

The table is QA1CSITF.DB, which holds the situation descriptions.

Data can be extracted from this by using the SPUFI tool.

Details on using SUPFI are detailed on the Monitoring Academy here:

You will need the fields AFFINITIES and SITNAME

By matching the affinities to the situation name, it can be checked that the situations are shown correctly in the ITM situation Event console and in the Event Server when they fire.image

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