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TCR3.1.2 install with nosuid and nodev set on Linux

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TCR3.1.2 install with nosuid and nodev set on Linux



TCR 3.1.2 install with nosuid and nodev set on Linux

Have had an issue where the TCR 3.1.2 installation reported finishing correctly, this was with root and non-root installs.

This was a system with security settings imposed, which included changes to mounted filesystems so that they had noexec, nosuid and nodev.
umask was also to 027 for root and 077 for others.

Once the umask was set to 022 (as per what the JazzSM Prerequisite scanner checks for)
and the user which was used to launch installer had full read, write and execute permissions to the folders:

/<user home directory>
/tmp directory

The install reported that it finished correctly,  however the Administrator Panel was not listed and so could not be launched.

It was checked and confirmed that the Everyone group was a member of system administration so it was not an issue with Roles.

Using the settings of nosuid and nodev on the filesystems has not been tested and therefore should not be used during installation.  
If it is needed after this point, then local testing needs to be done.  
Any changes then needed to the code would have to be an enhancement request.

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