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Location of eif rule files

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Location of eif rule files



Location of eif rule files

There are a number of eif rule files that are used with the communication between ITM and Omnibus.
These files give rules that are used by Omnibus.

I had a question the other day on how the files could be obtained without installing the code,  as there was  need to review them before anything was put in place.

The tivoli_eif_itm.rules file is included in the eif probe code and once the code has been downloaded and uncompressed the file can be found in a sub directory.
This file is needed for events being sent from ITM to Omnibus.

There are other rule files: itm_events.rules,itm_custom_override.rules and tbsm_eif_event.rules.
These are supplied as apart of the Situation Update Forwarding (SUF) code in the Tools part of the ITM product.
These are used when the situation update forwarder is configured,  although not all of these files maybe needed, and are for events being sent back from Omnibus to ITM.

To obtain these files the SUF has to be be installed on to a machine.
It should be noted that it does request for the details of a Server to be installed, however if can be installed without a server, as long as some details are put in.
It can then be removed from that machine once the files are retrieved.

I am not attaching any files here, as the files change depending on the versions used.

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