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Error KCIIN0198E and problem loading JVM library

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Error KCIIN0198E and problem loading JVM library



Error KCIIN0198E and problem loading JVM library

Error is:

KCIIN0198E Unable to start agent. Please, check log file.

This type of error can be seen on any agent type.

The first stage in the investigation is to check the agent log file, as this should show what the issue is.

 For example on the Summarization and pruning agent the log is:



kszjvm.cpp,593,"initialize") Java Library= (/bin/classic/
kszjvm.cpp,643,"initialize") Problem loading JVM library
kszjvm.cpp,647,"initialize") Error= (/bin/classic/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)

Note here that the path for the Java Library is not an ITM path.
It would normally be: /opt/IBM/ITM/JRE/lx8266

or the equivalent for the operating system that is being run.

A check of the sy.config showed there was no JAVA_HOME value set; however it is not enough to reset it in this file.

At the start of an agent the xx.config file (where xx is the two letter code for the agent) is

generated in the <ITMHOME>config by applying the values in the file  <ITMHOME>/config/.ConfigData/kxxenv

Therefore  review the  file /opt/IBM/ITM/config/.ConfigData/kxxenv

In this file  if there is no JAVAHOME line add the line like:

 Start the agent, and it will start correctly and the JAVA_HOME will show as set in the xx.config file.

Not all KCIIN0198E errors will be a java issue, the key to finding the issue is to review the start up log and see what error is reported.


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