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savekd8export.sql error on migrate-export/import

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savekd8export.sql error on migrate-export/import



savekd8export.sql error on migrate-import

An error of  "Colud not find find sqllib\savekd8export.sql"

is seen on a migrate-import command.

This is due to there being no data provider tables.

If  KD8_ITM_REST_SERVICE_ENABLE=N,  then there are no kd8 tables and the sql is not created.

The kd8 import/export was added to TEPS in TMS630 for data provider tables.
If you are using the dashboard applications then these tables would be needed

 When the data provider functionality was added , a  separate script was made to export/import kd8 tables.
Here are the tables that export/import for data provider.

When the variable KD8_ITM_REST_SERVICE_ENABLE is Y,  migrate-export will generate saveexport.sql and savekd8export.sql.
If the  variable is KD8_ITM_REST_SERVICE_ENABLE is  N, migrate-export will generate saveexport.sql only.

However in the migrate-import.bat script, we look for 'saveexport.sql' and 'savekd8export.sql' regardless of this variable.
If it can find both scripts, it will  import both.

If it finds only 'saveexport.sql', it will import saveexport.sql only and generate a

'Could not find sqllib\savekd8export.sql'

message which can be ignored.

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