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Situations not started for a KNT agent.

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Situations not started for a KNT agent.



Situations not started for a KNT agent.

In this issue we kept seeing that the situations were not started on an agent that was connected to the HUB.

Other NT agents with same situations were starting correctly.

To check this;  if you look at the *ms* or *ms* message log for the TEMS that the agent is connected to, the situations started can be seen.  However there is one thing to note, sometimes the situations get bundled up into a grouping so are not seen in the log as separate entries, if that is the case you will see a name something like:

situation _Z_xxxxxxxx  where xxx is a name for the grouping.

This happens when there are a number of situations with the same attribute group. this is done to send the situations more efficiently,

However this can be stopped by  setting CMS_DUPER=N in the TEMS config file.

It was found that this particular agent had one extra situation compared to the others.

With this situation stopped the agent stated correctly.

Looking further in to this, it was due to how the time attributes were being compared in the situation:

    *IF *TIME KSY_SUMMARIZATION_STATISTICS.Start_Time *LT 'ITM_Audit.Timestamp - 25H'

The problem is that Start_Time from the KSY table returns 1 row of data only whereas the Timestamp from ITM_Audit table returns multiple rows (3 in the recreate environment).

That causes the incoming data processing to go in a deferred state since the rows don't match.
As a result, one of the locks is not released and a deadlock state occurs.
This then caused an issue when the situation tried to restart as the lock was still in place.

The support for that kind of data set being returned for a join on 2 tables is not built in the product at present, even though it is allowed from the TEP.

So the recommendation is to use LocalTime instead of ITM_Audit to ensure that both tables return 1 row of data.

Once the situation was edited to use LocalTime instead of ITM_Audit then the situations started normally.

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