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Importing a TNSQM report into TCR results in no entries.

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Importing a TNSQM report into TCR results in no entries.













Importing a TNSQM report into TCR results in no entries.

Recently a problem was reported as it states above, the report contained no reports.
TNSQM stands for Tivoli Netcool Service Quality Manager

On investigation it was found that TCR was working correctly for all other reports; they imported well and ran correctly.

For this particular report report package; there were no errors on
import but when the folder was opened within TCR there were no reports listed.

After discussions internally it was found that this report package does not contain any reports.

The package contains a Cognos Model.

This Cognos model maps the required DB tables and offers the semantic layer (metadata) to create ad-hoc reports.
The model has been created for the tables specific for CEM HSPA Transactional database and is a logical view of
the Database so when you create a report using that model, the model will know what tables and columns to query from the database.


The information provided allows reports to be created using Framework Manager.

A version of which is supplied with TCR but it has to be installed separately.

Check the install guide for the version of TCR that you are using for more details on how to install.

Once Framework Manager is installed, reports can be created exactly as required, there are no out of the box reports.






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