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TCR install fails with timezone issue on silent install

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TCR install fails with timezone issue on silent install



TCR install fails with timezone issue on silent install

I have seen this issue with installing TCR 2.11 but believe it may also happen on the 3.X versions, so this is one to be aware of.

Customer was installing on Red Hat 5.8,as they needed the 2.11 version and it is not supported on Red Hat 6.5.

Also note this customer was in an African timezone, this can happen with a number of timezones though

In this case TCR had been installed and the failure came in the Cognos configuration, the cogconfig_response.csv file showed the issue:

ERROR     "[Validation]"     "Error found in 'Global Configuration - General'. The parameter named 'Server time zone' is currently invalid."

This file can be found in the  <TIP_HOME>/tipv2Components/TCRComponent/cognos/logs directory.


 In this case the timezone setting on the machine was supported, but the timezone had not been picked up in the Cognos configuration, as this was a silent install.

This could be seen by reviewing the file and seeing the time zone was set just to be machine type, no value was set.

The timezone can be changed through the Cognos GUI and this is the recommended way of setting this.

Check the Time Zone set on the OS side and make sure it matches it with the Global Configuration in Cognos Configuration.

    1) Open Cognos Configuration using the script
    2) Edit Global Configuration - Server tab
    3) Change the Server Time Zone to the system timezone.
    4) Save and restart TCR

 If the Machine has no X11set up, the tiemezone has to be changed directly in the file.

The steps to do this are:
1) Stop TCR
2)  Take a copy of the file somewhere safe and then edit the file.
It is important a copy of the file is taken, so that  in case of any issues the default file can be put back in place.
3 ) Locate the section:

<!--serverTimeZoneID:Specifies the time zone used by Content Manager.-->
  <!--Use this property to identify the time zone used by Content Manager. Time zones are used as the time reference in schedules and
other system times.-->
  <crn:parameter name="serverTimeZoneID">
    <crn:value xsi:type="cfg:timeZone"/>

change the line    <crn:value xsi:type="cfg:timeZone"/>  in that section to be
  <crn:value xsi:type="cfg:timeZone">CAT</crn:value>


In this case the timezone was CAT, make sure it is the same timezone as the machine.

 4) Save the file
5) Restart TCR.

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