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tacmd commands running slow and the number of SOAP processes.

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tacmd commands running slow and the number of SOAP processes.



tacmd commands running slow and the number of SOAP processes.

Had a report that tacmd logins became slower at different times of day, sometimes taking as long as 2 minutes for the login.

This can be due to a queue of tacmd/soap requests in the system.

It is best to have a review of what SOAP jobs (if any) are running via batch jobs and as scripts provided to user; as these can build up over time and
some may no longer be needed.

However the number of threads by SOAP can also be increased.

The maximum number of SOAP threads used by ITM v6.3.0 is 6.
This is controlled by a protocol modifier HTTP_CONCURRENCY which defaults to 8.
Two are reserved for listening ports [http and https] and the other 6 are used by SOAP

If the SOAP usage has been constrained by not enough SOAP threads, you will see higher utilization overall.
Exact increase is impossible to state because any SOAP call can required many resources or just a few.

The number of threads can be increased to 30 (remember 2 are reserved)

Here is how to change this:


At the hub TEMS [including the FTO backup hub TEMS if in use]

In the /config directory, create a new file ms.environment which has the same attributes/owner/group as the existing ms.ini file.

If one already exists, use that one.

Add the following line to ms.environment


If such a line already exists, then just add HTTP_CONCURRENCY:32 at the beginning - which is the global area of the protocol definition string.

After a hub TEMS recycle [no TEMS reconfiguration is required], you will have 32 internal web server threads and 30 will be available for SOAP requests.
 Two threads are reserved for internal web server listening ports. Current default is 8.

Windows via the MTEMS GUI:

1) Select the TEMS and right click.
2) Select Advanced (note if the HUB is not stopped then this will stop it)
3) Select Edit Variables
4) When the box opens select the Add button.
5) Click on the  listbox arrow and find KDC_FAMILIES and select it
6) As defualt this will bring up a value of @Protocol@
7) Alter the value to HTTP_CONCURRENCY:32 @Protocol@
8) Hit the ok button and you will now see it listed in the original window
9) Restart the HUB.


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