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TCR importing encrypted reports package

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TCR importing encrypted reports package



TCR importing encrypted reports package

Recently had a query where a report package was being imported into a new TCR at version 3.1.

The package that had been sent had been encrypted.

This imports correctly from the GUI when doing
Launch->Administration->Configuration->ContentAdministration->new import,

as there is then a prompt for the password, which should have been provided with the file.

However if you try and do this import from the CLI with the command:

trcmd.bat -import -bulk <package name>

it fails with :

CTGTRI164E Processing has failed. See the following error message for details:
CM-REQ-4208 You must provide a password to access deployment archive
"I<name of package>" because the archive is encrypted.

There is no option to add a password and the command does not prompt for it.

This is how the CLI command works,  as not all Cognos features are available in the CLI commands.

If any report packages  are enabled with passwords then they have to be imported through GUI.

An enhancement request has been raised for this issue, which can be read and voted on here:

Meanwhile be aware not all GUI actions can be done via the command line.

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