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Performance issues Part 4 TEPS

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Performance issues Part 4 TEPS


Performance issues Part 4  TEPS

The main  performance issue reported here is the length of time it takes a workspace to render to the TEP client.

Here you need to think about the number of views that are in the workspace, as the more views the more information is needed to populate all the views.

For each view a query is sent from the TEPS to the HUB and then on to where the data is stored, this can be the hub, the rtems, the agents or the data warehouse, then sent via the HUB back to the TEPS.

If the query is to the agents, the query is not complete until the data has been collected from all the agents specified, so the number of agents in a query should also be thought of.
There has been issues in the past where a view querying agents could hang due to one agent where it appears on line but is not communicating correctly.
Keeping agents up to date version wise, helps with this.
Also keep in mind if there are some agents on a slower nextwork, it could take longer to to get the data.

You can limit the number of rows a query collects with the  KFW_REPORT_ROW_LIMIT parameter, and it is good idea to lower this if you do return all rows.
 Default is 100000. Set this variable to limit the number of rows returned for a report request.

A KFWITM574W warning message displays in the view indicating the result set was truncated.

Set to 0 to disable. This variable affects only report requests when the user selects the "return all rows" option on the View Properties window.

There can also be issues of  "navigator updates pending" messages which can be due to duplicate agents, check out the Performance TEMS blog for more on that.
However it can also mean that you have agents that report more than one interface and are always swapping ip addresses, but this can put a performance load on the TEPS.
The reason needs to be investigated and agents can be configured to use one ip address or the change in  ip addresses  can be set to be ignored.

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