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TCR and Active Report saving.

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TCR and Active Report saving.



TCR and Active Report saving.

Working with active reports it was found that the report ran fine if run manually or the report was scheduled.

This was not found to be linked to any agent type, it was any active report.

However the report was run manually and was taking some time.  The options 'delivery method' of "Save Report" or "Save as Report View"  were used then the report appeared to save correctly.  However the saved report did not populate the browser with any data when opened.

This was found to be a known issue in Cognos:

APAR PI83529
When running an active report using the "Select a Delivery Method" with the

email report option the mht file received is not well created and a blank page is displayed in IE.

this is fixed in  Cognos BI

The good news is that TCR can be upgraded to use this version of Cognos using the steps here:

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10.2.2 Fix Pack 9 is available to down load from Fix Central.

Once this fix was installed the report saves correctly in any mode used.

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