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Linux/Unix unmounted partition and corruption

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Linux/Unix unmounted partition and corruption



Linux/Unix unmounted partition and corruption

After an unintentional unmount of the partition that TEMS was running on,  the TEMS failed to restart when the partition was mounted again.

There were firstly reports of lock files in the logs:

ITMFileLock.ITMFileLock attemptLock
__ERROR__  (traceKey:1508924751344)

Since nothing was stopped correctly the lock files in  <candlehome>/config/.ConfigData needed to be renamed.

Note:  this should only be done if all the ITM processes on the machine are stopped and will not restart.
If in any doubt talk to IBM Support first before doing this.

A reconfigure of the TEMS was tried but that just gave further errors.

At this stage the next step is to check the config files themselves.

In this case there was a ms.env as well as the ms.config and ms.ini.
It was found that the ms.env and the ms.config file were corrupted and did not make sense.

If you are unsure what they should look like, check on the machine in the <install directory>config
Review the files with "more" just so you know what format they should be in.

In this case the information and format of the file was completely different as the data had been over written.

However luckily the ms.ini was still correct.

The files ms.config and ms.env were renamed and a reconfigure of the TEMS was done.

Since the ini file was there the defaults were still supplied and could be used.

If this file had also been corrupted then the a full reconfigure supplying the configuration values would have been needed.

Of course if there was a good back up (and there should always be one!) then the files could be restored from that back up.

If  the config files are restored then a simple restart should allow the TEMS  to start, however make sure that the back up was recent in case of any changes that may have been done.

Once the files were reading correctly a restart then resulted in the TEMS running normally again.


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