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Making your life easier: Private History

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Making your life easier: Private History



The normal behavior we are used to see for the historical collections is to have like minimum a warehouse proxy agent installed in our environment and configure via TEP/“history configuration....” the attribute groups to be collected and the agents which have to collect them.

Now we have other option, it is to use the “private history”, configuring the attributes to be collected in the agent by a .xml file located in the agent , so the agent starts collecting historical without using TEMS/WPA at all , it works in Autonomous mode and we will be able to access to these historical data (short-term)  connecting with the agent directly by "Agent Service Interface" since these short-term  are not loaded to the Warehouse DB.


This doc. cover the steps to configure the private history for “NT_Process” attribute group but the steps are the same for any agent and any attribute.


1. we are going to start the Private historical for “NT_Process” attribute group

2. From IT 6.2.2 the variable IRA_AUTONOMOUS_MODE is set to Y by default. Otherwise we will have to add it in the config file for the agent.

3. Create a file named: nt_situations.xml in installdir\localconfig\nt\ folder with this sentence:

<HISTORY TABLE="NT_Process_64" Interval="1" RETAIN="72" />

to collect the Process table data every 1 minute and maintaining 3 days (retain=72) of short-
term history

4. Reconfigure the KNT Agent.

NOTE: the short-term for all private history are located in :
                                 Windows : install_dir\TMAITM6\logs\history\KNT
                                 Linux/Unix: install_dir/<arch>/<pc>/hist
                                 or where CTIRA_HIS_DIR variable was defined in the agent.


5. The short-term with the prefix PVTHIST is generated in the TEMA , in our case:



6. We can not access to the historical information from TEP. When we use private history the option to access to this information is from 

   “agent service   interface”, by connecting with the agent via web browser http:<ip_addres_agent>:1920 or https://<ip_address_agent>:3661


6.1 Open a browser with this url: http:itm-labw2008:1920 and click on Agent service Interface:


6.2 Insert the user and password for a TEPS user ,for example, sysadmin:



6.3 Click on history or “service interface request” if we want to set a sql request:


6.4 Now, we can find the private history running and we can run any report:




for example:




getting the report:




Thanks for Reading, Fran.





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