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Making your life easier: Installing IBM Monitoring v8.1 On-Premise

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Making your life easier: Installing IBM Monitoring v8.1 On-Premise




This document covers the installation of the new Ibm monitoring 8.1 version on Linux RedHad 6.3 following the below points. It also describes some problems and their solutions in case we face them.

A. Pre-requisites.

B. Requirement

C. Installation



A. Pre-requisites:

Certain ports must be available before you begin installing the Performance Management server. The prerequisite scanner checks if they are available and

returns fail for each port that is not available:






Note: Based on how the installer classifies the system, the JVM heap size is set for the Performance Management services to the following values:






B. Requirement :




Note: the available disk space is the space free needed for opt/ibm it is expected to have a SWAP between 2-4GB (recommended 4GB)


The following packages and libraries are required:





Note: If you get error about regex libraries you will need to install that package

regex{} ---> yum install libstdc++.i686 (GNU standard C++Library 32bit)

regex{*} -------> yum install pam-devel.i686

Note: In case you don't have so many requirement in your system and it is going to be a little test environment to check the installation and play

a while you can skip   this requirement running the command export SKIP_PRECHECK=1 before running the installation. It is true the that

variable also skip the libraries pre-req. (point A) but I can not sure that it starts/works correctly after installation.


Note: The installion is placed in /opt/ibm and it can not be changed.

Note: The installation must be performed by root user.



C. Installation:


They are the internal steps during the installation:


1. Running Prerequisite Scanner

2. Collecting user input

3. Installing DB2 (if your system has another DB2 instance already installed , it must be uninstalled previously)

4. Installing Summarization and Pruning agent

5. Installing Server components

6. Installing Supports

7. Creating the Metric Cache database (Prefetch database) (the database for historical)

8. Creating the Topology database (SCR database)

9. Finalazig database creation

10.Configuring Summarization and Pruning agent

     11. Configuring Messaging Broker (configuring Kafka)

     12. Starting server components of IBM Monitoring: min, server1, asfrest and apmui

13. Configuring server components of IBM Monitoring

14 Configuring agent installation images if you want.



C1. Download and untar the “ibm-monitoring.tar” file and download the agents media that we want pre-configure.


C2. Run the scrip with root user




C3. Accept the agreement


  C4. Accept or change the password for “apmadmin” user (pwd default apmpass)





  C5. Pre-configure the agents image (this part is optional). In our case, we are going to configure the image “ibm-monitoring-agents-xlinux-64bit.tar” (the

           agents for linux 64bit) and “ibm- monitoring-hybrid-gateway.tar” the agent to integrate ITM 6.3 and IM8.1 which are located in /repositorio .





 C6. Provide the IP address/hostname that will be used by agent to communicate with server and the path where image agents are located and the

        installation starts





Note: The errors during the installation are located in /opt/ibm/ccm/logs/apm-server-install_xxx.log


Important: To check that the hostname is defined in the DNS or etc/hosts and it is pingable , otherwise we are going to get the error

                        during installing DB2:


“Error: the host name “xxx” is invalid. Specify a valid host name”




Important: If the installation fails with this error:





and we can find in /opt/ibm/ccm/logs/smai-fabric-install_xxxxx.log, these errors:

Tue Apr 7 10:50:28 CEST 2015: smai-apd-apmui-dashboard-resource-
Tue Apr 7 10:50:28 CEST 2015
Tue Apr 7 10:50:28 CEST 2015 : Installing Self Monitoring components...
Tue Apr 7 10:50:28 CEST 2015 : Specified server address is not reachable.
Tue Apr 7 10:50:28 CEST 2015 : Failed to configure Self Monitoring components installation image.



We must apply this solution:

-uninstall server (<image_path>/

-turn off installation of self-monitoring (export SKIP_SELFMON=YES)

-start server installation again (<image_path>/

-after installation completes, install self-monitoring agents manually by launching:

/opt/ibm/ccm/ -a install -s <path_to_image> -d db2apm -i <hostname_or_ip>

Perhaps there is a problem because the host is not dns registered or the dns server is not reachable.



Eventually  the installation follow and finish:





C7. Running “apm status” command we can check if the services are started or not:




C8. Log in to the console using https://<ip_address>:9443 with user = apmadmin and password=apmpass (default) .









Note: if we want to change the apmadmin or db2 users password we can use the script:

opt/ibm/ccm/ and


Thanks for reading , Fran.




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