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Making your life easier: Configuring, Installing a windows agent with IBM Monitoring v8.1

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Making your life easier: Configuring, Installing a windows agent with IBM Monitoring v8.1



One of the big difference between IM81 and ITM 6.x agents is about configuration, in IM81 the agents have to be configured with the Server information before they can be installed. Otherwise, we will get an error message running the “” :

"This installation image is not pre-configured to connect to your instance of the Monitoring Infrastructure Node.

Use the “/opt/ibm/ccm/” script on your IBM Monitoring server to generate a pre-configuration package.

Then, extract the package on the current machine and start the extracted 'configure_agent_images.bat'"

This document is going to cover the process of configuration and installation of windows agent on IM81.


A. Pre-configure Agent images:

There are two ways to preconfigure the agent images: During or after server installation .

A1. During server installation (this part is optional):

1. During sever installation you are prompted to pre-configure the agent installation images


2. Located the agent images (“ibm-monitoring-agents-xlinux-64bit.tar”, ibm-monitoring-hybrid-gateway.tar” , “” ) in any folder you want in your Server (in this example, it was “repositorio”).

3. Provide the IP address/hostname that will be used by agent to communicate with server and the path where image agents are located .



4. Once the Server installation has ended you can find the agent images already to pre-configured and ready to be installed in /opt/ibm/ccm/depot folder .


A2. After server installation :

In case , we have not configured the agent images during installation or we need to do it in the  future we are going to need to carry on these steps:

1. In the server machine , we run /opt/ibm/ccm/ Adding the information so that the agents can connect with the server, the path where we want to start the configuration files and secure or unsecure the communications.



2. In /tmp/preconfig_pkg_agent folder we are going to find these files:


3. Copy the file from Server to the windows agent machine where agent images ( was downloaded, unzip and run the “configure_agent_images.bat” .
We will be prompted to add the path where we located the agent images (




4. Eventually a new image package already preconfigured is created and it will be the one we will use to install the agents on any windows 64bit machines.



IMPORTANT: after agent installation we can't reconfigure the installed agent to connect to another server.



B. Installing the Windows OS agents:

1. Extract the files of the package “ We can not run the installation directly from within the zip file.

2. Open a cmd prompt with admisitrator privileges (“run as administrator”) . We must have Admin privileges to install the agents

3. Run the installAPMAgents.bat script:




NOTE: The installation log file is in C:\IBM\APM\logs\APMAgents_install.log

NOTE: we can manage the agents with the command <pc>-agent.bat for example for OS agent :

Uso: os-agent.bat start | stop | status | uninstall

- start - start agente
- stop - stop agent
- status – checks if agent is running
- uninstall - uninstall agent

(it can be: db2-agent.bat, oracle-agent.bat, rt-agent.bat, etc)


4. Eventually if all things were right then we will see the agent registered in our Server:




Thanks for reading, Fran.






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