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Making your life easier: Integrate IBM Monitoring v8.1 with ITM6 HybridGateway

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Making your life easier: Integrate IBM Monitoring v8.1 with ITM6 HybridGateway



In environments where there is an ITM already installed, we can decide to integrate it with our new IM8.1 environment. To consolidate both env. we can install the IBM Performance Management Hybrid Gateway in our Tivoli Monitoring and configure communications with the hybrid gateway.


This doc. Cover:

A. Pre-Configure the Hybrid gateway package
B. Installing the Hybrid gateway agent in ITM
C. Create Manage System group in ITM
D. Configure the Hybrid gateway in IM server.
E. Confirming that the systems were added.



A. Pre-Configure the Hybrid gateway package:


There are two ways to preconfigure the agent images

1. During server installation
2. After server installation : running the script in server machine and the in agent system.

More information about pre-configure agents can be found in : “configuring, installing windows agents in IM81” in this url:


B. Installing the Hybrid gateway agent in ITM.






  1. Download the hybrid Gateway pre-configured agent on a RH6.2 or higher in our Tivoli monitoing environment (ibm-monitoring-hybrid-gateway.tar)

  2. Untar the file:   tar -xvf ibm-monitoring-hybrid-gateway.tar

  3. Run the installation with root user privileges :

                        - cd IPM_Hybrid_Gateway_Install_8.1.0
                        - ./

NOTE: we can skip this requirement running the command export SKIP_PRECHECK=1 before  running the ./ script.


4.  We accept the license agreement and the installation starts:




5. It is installed successfully:





NOTE: the hybrid log are located in /opt/ibm/wlp/usr/servers/hybridgateway/logs

NOTE: the agent can be managed with the command: start|stop|status|uninstall



C. Creating the Managed system group.


In the TEP client we create a managed system group with the managed systems that we want to view in the PM console.

The maximum number of managed systems, including subnodes, that you can view from your Tivoli Monitoring domain is 200. That limit can be extended to 400 by increasing the value of
the Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server KFW_REPORT_NODE_LIMIT environment variable (check TEPS configuration settings). If the managed system group goes beyond 400, the performance is degraded.


NOTE: Not all ITM agents are supported in the new Performance Management.


1. Start the TEP with a user that has full access to all the managed system types.

2. Click on “object group editor....”

3. Expand “Managed System” and select “all managed system” (if you want to combine several agent types) or select any special family if you wants to add agents for only a type.




4. Click on “create a new group” , enter a name and click OK .

5. Select the managed system you want to integrate from “available members” and move them to the “assigned members:




6. Click “Ok” and close the object group editor.



D. Configuring the Hybrid Gateway.


Now, we need configure the IBM Performance Management Hybrid gateway in Performance management console to connect to the TEPS specifying the managed system group that we have just created.


1. Login to PM console: http://<im_server>:8080 or https://<IM_server>:9443

2. Click on System configuration + Advanced Configuration + Hybrid Gateway




3. Now we fill the fields with the TEPS information to get the integration:

3.1 MSG Name

3.2 TEPS hostname or Ipaddress. Port: 15200 http or 15201 https

3.3 Proxy Information incase we have a proxy server in our env.




NOTE: Now the connection with Hybrid gateway is established and the managed system should be discovered. The managed system group is polled every 5 minutes for resource monitoring data.



E. Confirming that the systems added in MS (Hybrid_family_IM81) are passed through the Hybrid Gateway.


Click “performance” + “Application Performance Dashboard” + “all my applications” we can see how our system has been registered in IM81

Notice the different icon next to the name of the node saying to us it is an ITM6 agent from Hybrid gateway tool.





NOTE: Currently IM server and Hybrid Gateway cannot be installed on the same host.  The installation, configuration, etc hybrid logs are: messages.log and console.log and they are
          located in the host where hybrid gatewasy was installed , path:    /opt/ibm/wlp/user/servers/hybridgateway/log/




Thanks for reading, Fran.







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