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Making your life easier: Installing TCR 2.1.1 in a single machine

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Making your life easier: Installing TCR 2.1.1 in a single machine




Although TCR 2.1.1 is already an old product , we can still find  customers with this version installed and using Derby like their Content store. In these cases the best practice should be install the newest TCR

version 3.1.x  but I also know that sometimes it is not possible and we have to install a parallel env.  and we need to mount another environment  2.1.1 like our production env.  before upgrading to TCR 3.1 .


In this blog I'm  going to  show you a step by step about  how to install TCR 2.1.1 in a single machine and how configure  the Content Store  from Derby to DB2 database.  To avoid to have a very very long

blog I will split it in two: Installing TCR and Configuring Content Store for DB2



TCR 2.1.1: Installation in a single machine


1. Download the Prerequisite Scanner from:  and searching for "Prerequisite Scanner" to download the latest version.



2. Run # ./ TCR (for TCR 3.1) or # ./ "TCR 02010100" when you want to check about Tivoli Common Reporting Version 2.1.1


3. Once passed the prereq. To run the installation with install new instance of TCRand single computer installation(this option because we don't have any TIP already installed)


4. Start the installation using the Wizard running install.bat directly or clicking on launchpad.exe.


4.1 click on “install IBM Tivoli common Reporting 2.1.1”

4.2 Accept the license and the deployment engine starts to be installed.

4.3 Once the installation is completed , we select the “install new instance of tivoli common Reporting” + next

4.4 Select Single-computer installation + next

4.5 choose the target directory

4.6 Create the user for TIP and choose the port default 16310 + next

4.7 choose the port for the cognos content database, default 1527 + next

4.8 click on “install” and wait until it is completed + done




5. Once the installation is completed you can logging in to the reporting interface using this url:




     click on reporting overviewif you get something similar to this page then we can be sure that TCR was installed correctly.












TCR installs an embedded lightweight database (Derby) to house reporting artifact. The derby database is not supported in production and it is recommended to use an relational database such as DB2.

So, it is strongly recommends to migrate from derby database to a relation DB.


You can follow this part in this blog:  "configuring Content Store for DB2"



Thanks for reading, Fran.






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