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Making your life easier: Installing only TCR with Non-Root

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Making your life easier: Installing only TCR with Non-Root





NOTE: it is a blog following the one "Installing TCR 3.1 with non-root user" ( . Here,  we are going to install  the TCR 3.1 with non-root user , tcr, as we will see it is a part very easy but we have to take into account that it is not the only step to get a TCR 3.1.x working correctly. It is needed to install a WAS, JAzzSM, ContentStore, etc as it was showed in our previous blogs. That's why I suggest you to start reading the first blog:  "Installing TCR 3.1 with non-root user" and keep reading one by one the following ones.



1. Untar the tcr image package:

ITCR_3.1.0.1_FOR_LINUX.tar in /home/tcr/software_ibm/tcr/

2. Run the ./ located in the jazzSM package image ( in our case: /home/tcr/software_ibm/jazz

3. Now , we click on “tools”:



4. We select “IBM Tivoli Common Reporting Installation program”



5. Click on “install Program”

6. Set “/home/tcr/software_ibm/tcr/TCRInstaller/” for the “... installation image:” and click on      “Run”

7. OK + Next +Next

8. We set the path were JazzSM was installed:




9. Next + Next + Next

10. Set the user used to logon in JazzSM websphere profile in our case: tipadmin

11. We set the data to connect to our Content Store created previously:




12. click Install . If the installation finishes correctly then we got the message:




NOTE: NEXT STEP IN "Installing/integrating Dashboard application service HUB" 


Thanks for reading, Fran.





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