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TEPS authentication failed after port Modification.

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TEPS authentication failed after port Modification.










Problem title: Unable to authenticate to the TEPS after port modification.

Running the Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server on Windows 2012R2 which is located in a management zone and

accessing it via a system which only accept communication through well-known web-ports (80,443,8080,8443,...)

unfortunately not the default portal port ( 5200,15201).                                                         


Making the change to the ports used by IHS to listen for HTTP/S communication between the client and server

requires following the steps described in the in link documented at 



The output below showed the result of trying to authenticate using "tacmd" which failed after the modification.

 Here is the  output of the command and the content of the referenced log:        


C:\Users\XXXXXXXXXX>tacmd tepslogin -s http://localhost:8080  -u xxxx 



 KUICTL001I Validating user credentials...                            

 KUICTL099E The tepsLogin command failed because an unexpected error  

occurred. Please consult the O:\IBM\ITM\logs\TepsLoginCLI_0.log log   

file to determine the cause of the error.                             



 The solution after any port modification is to modify the KUIENV environment file to contain the following line.                                                                         



2. Test the tepslogin command again to check that the authentication works and the result is as shown below including the content of the log.                                                  


Here is the extract of the TepsLoginCLI_0.log  when the authentication works.  


feb 14, 2017 11:01:37 AM init  INFO: classpath =                                                       




feb 14, 2017 11:01:40 AM TepsLogin validateTepsUserCredentials          

FINER: ENTRY                                                             

feb 14, 2017 11:01:41 AM validateTepsUserCredentials                                             

INFO: User TEPS credentials authorized successfully.                    

feb 14, 2017 11:01:41 AM TepsLogin validateServerVersion FINER: ENTRY                                                            

feb 14, 2017 11:01:41 AM validateServerVersion                                                    

INFO: TEPS returned version = v630_kcj5334a.tms630fp6 HUB_UTF8=true DSN=TEPS0 VERSION=6300 COMPATIBLE=6222                                  

feb 14, 2017 11:01:41 AM TepsLogin validateServerVersion FINER: RETURN                                                            

feb 14, 2017 11:01:41 AM TepsLogin validateTepsUserCredentials FINER: RETURN                                                           

feb 14, 2017 11:01:41 AM TepsLogin main  FINER: RETURN                                                            

[{"Business Unit":{"code":"BU004","label":"Hybrid Cloud"},"Product":{"code":"","label":""},"Component":"","Platform":[{"code":"","label":""}],"Version":"","Edition":""}]