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Helping us help you - Non-Root TCR Install Tips

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Helping us help you - Non-Root TCR Install Tips


Hello folks,


A quick little blog(ette) for you today to kick off the new year.  If you're installing TCR 3.1 as a non-root user, we supply this technote to help you through troubleshooting why it might fail -


Another customer, however, has found that there's potentially another couple of points to consider when you're running the install.  Firstly, you need to make sure that your DB user -


a) belongs to the db2iadm1 group, and

b) source in the db2profile in .bashrc.


This customer copied the db2profile sourcing from db2inst1 users .bashrc to the filesystem (read only), but in order to ensure full access to all files they also extracted the image to local disk and changed the x bit as per the example below -


cd /opt/dash/install/TCRCognos/ chmod -R +x *


With these two modifications the installer now runs successfully.  I hope this little bit of information helps you if you run into any problems with your own installations!




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