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IBM Tivoli Monitoring mix and match migration

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IBM Tivoli Monitoring mix and match migration



More are more customer are now changing the OS platform that their IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM) is running on and they are doing this to upgrade the monitoring environment.
While trying to do the migration they often have to run different versions of IBM Tivoli Monitoring on different platform.
So what customers are looking for is to upgrade the ITM environment and at the same stage to re-platform from say SLES to Red Hat.
There are many ways of doing this type of change.
1. A scripted install of the environment.
2. Migration using the ITM tacmd command to export and import components.

A good plan is to upgrade the environment in stages by upgrading and re-platforming the Remote TEMS first, followed by the HUB TEMS, followed by the TEPS, lastly followed by the agents.
So for some time during the upgrade, there will be different versions of ITM monitoring.
This is a valid approach to the upgrade and is it supported by IBM.

The TEMSes are very much a mix and match of choices and upper level TEMS can connect and work with lower level TEMS in any mixture.

Here is a typical example of an upgrade using mostly tacmd command.
This method gives the opportunity to review the ITM environment and in particular review all situations and  make necessary modifications as required to improve performance.

Migration using tacmd commands.
This method expect to have the ITM new version installed first.

1) Export all situation both Custom Situations and ITM provided situation.

    a) Login to ITM
    Run the tacmd command - ./tacmd login -s sourceservername/ip address -u root -p password -t 1440

    b) View all the situations contained using the command.
    tacmd listSit | grep filter(for custom situations) or tacmd listSit for all situations.

    c) Copy all the situations name to a text file and copy the text file to the TEMS/TEPS server ,
    from where you want to export the situations.

    d) Run the command to export all situation.
    tacmd bulkExportSit -l /tmp/custom_situations/custom_situations_list.txt

    e)The above command will export all the custom situation to $CANDLEHOME/bin/Bulk/SITUATION.
     You will need to copy the Bulk folder as it is to the destination server on the new server.

    f) Login on the new server.
    ./tacmd login -s destinationservername/ip address -u root -p password –t 1440

    g) Run the import command to copy all the situations onto the new server.
    ./tacmd bulkImportSit

2. Now you will need to exporting all Navigator Views and Associated situations.
 Export the Tivoli Enterprise Portal logical navigator and all workspaces, queries, and situation associations referenced within the logical navigator from the Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server to an XML file.

    a) ./tacmd login -s sourceservername/ip address -u root -p password -t 1440

    b) It is assumed that you know all the navigator views name, as tacmd
    exportNavigator works for specific navigator/view name

    c) ./tacmd exportNavigator -s sourceservername/ip -n NavigatorViewName
    -x /migration/views/NavigatorViewName.xml -f -u sysadmin -p password

    d) Some times a navigator view is too long and command ends up in memory
    error, so for that use export TACMD_JVM_MAX_MEMORY=1024;

    e) Copy all the views directory to the destination server

    f) ./tacmd login -s destinationservername/ip address -u root -p password -t

    g)  ./tacmd importNavigator -sdestinationservername -n NavigatorViewName
    -x /migration/views/NavigatorViewName.xml -f -u sysadmin -p password

    h) Repeat the above steps for all the navigator views.

 Once all the exports and imported are done then stop and restart the TEMS/TEPS services.

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