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Why and How to use the Manage Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Services - MTEMS

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Why and How to use the Manage Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Services - MTEMS



























The IBM Tivoli Monitoring application environment has many components and the Manage Tivoli Enterprise Services console (MTEMS)

is a GUI based tool for  managing the components.

Here are some of the things that can be easily done from the Console

1. Check if a component is running or not

2.Configure components

3.Change components trace options.

4. Use to change eWAS  password

The MTEMS does run on the Windows OS, Unix and Linux.

The console contained 10 column as shown below.























The Manage Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Services (MTEMS) is used for the following

1. Starting and Stopping IBM Tivoli Monitoring component.

2. Configuring IBM Tivoli Monitoring componet.

3. Can be used for changing and setting tracing options.

4. For reviewing component logs.

5. Used for build level information.

6. For components installed on a Windows OS you can change the service startup type


Here is an example of how to configure the  IBM Tivoli  Monitoring component  TEMS.

  • Start the MTEMS.
  • Select the component to configure ( TEPS)
  • Right click and select Reconfigure



























How to edit and change the trace option:


1. Highlight the Component to change the trace option.

2. Select Advanced.

3. Select the trace parameters and you can make the following changes

  • Maximum Log Size Per file (MB)
  • Maximum Number of Log Files Per Session
  • Maximum Number of Log Files Total

4. Another change you can make using the MTEMS is to rebuild the TEPS database.

5. You can also change the TEPS/e Password, Enabled and Disabled TEPS/e .
























Changing Trace Parameters :


























TEPS Database Rebuid:






























TEPS/e Administration:




























Lastly you can also check the display on the MTEMS Gui to determine the version of components installed in the ITM environment.




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