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Alternate migration of ITM from an old version of ITM to a new version.

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Alternate migration of ITM from an old version of ITM to a new version.



This alternative migration steps provides a means of migrating an old ITM version to a new version. At the same time gives an opportunity to review and correct errors in the following.

Situations definition and property

Navigators and views



Users access and group.



A customer who is running ITM 6.2.3 decided he want to upgrade to ITM 6.3.0 FP2 but do not want to do a straight upgrade as he dose not want any interruption to his existing environment and also correct any errors and update situations

What the wanted is to be able to migrate the following into the new system in stages.

  1. Users and Users group
  2. All situations including custom situation
  3. Situation Assocaitions
  4. Custom Navgators
  5. Workspaces
  6. Managed systems
  7. Policies.



After spending some time with the customer thinking of how to do this migration I came up with the following procedures to get this work done.


Process and Step:

Here are the options that you have

1. What you can do is not to use the Bulk export or import of those situation but use the Viewsit to export and Createsit to import those situations with long name.

2. The other error suggest that the list did not contained the situation that you are trying to export or import.

3. The only other alternative is to do an upgrade from your current version of ITM to ITM 6.3.0 FP2.
There is a BASE ITM 6.3.0 FP2 that you can upgrade to.

Here are what you do need to do before you start.

a) Run the following tacmd command to list all the components that you need to migrate.
You will need to get the output of each of these command so that you know the extent of what you need to
import into the new installation.

  • Listsit
  • ListSystems
  • Listusers
  • ListuserGroups
  • ListNavigators
  • ListSitAssociations
  • ListworkSpaces

Unfortunately, where you have a big installation you will need to use the bulk export and bulk import but there are
few bulk export and import that you can do.
Here is the list.

  • bulkExportsit
  • bulkExportPcy
  • bulkimportsit
  • bulkimportpcy

Also you will need these other commands

  • exportNavigator
  • exportSitAssociations
  • exportSysAssignments
  • exportWorkspaces

Then use the equivalent imports to import the results from the above to you new system.
It is a good idea to have the managed systems list in place before you start importing the situations, Navigators etc.

What you can do is use the output of the listSystems command and the editsystemlist to add the managed systems.
Please be aware of the syntax for the managed system as the name should not be longer than 32 characters and no underscore.

Now regarding the exporting and importing of users and user groups, you will need to backup the TEPS database from the old system first.
Then you will have to import the TEPS database backup from the old system onto the new system.
Once this is finished with no error then you run the Presentation.bat to finalize the process.


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