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TCR authorization error CM-SYS-5003

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TCR authorization error CM-SYS-5003



TCR authorization error  CM-SYS-5003

This will firstly show up as a DPR-ERR-2109 when trying to launch Tivoli Common Reporting (TCR) or as CM-REQ-4159 when a report is tried to be run.

This is a generic error and the cogserver.log needs to be reviewed to see what the further details of the error are.

The cogserver.log shows:

    CM-SYS-5003 Content Manager is unable to connect to the content store.  
Verify that the database  connection properties in the configuration  
tool are correct and that when you test the connection, the test is  
Connection authorization failure occurred.  Reason: User ID revoked.  

 There are two options to resolving this issue:
A. Ensure that no users are shown as being locked in the administrators list.
B. The password has been changed on the content store database in which case:

Use the Cognos Configuration tool to update the Cognos Content Store database password.

This tool is located in the following directory:

 On Windows operating systems: JazzSM_INST_DIR\reporting\cognos\bin64\tcr_cogconfig.bat
  On AIX® or Linux operating systems: JazzSM_INST_DIR/reporting/cognos/bin64/

After you start the tool, on the <"Content Store"> Database > Resource Properties window, click the pencil icon to change the password and then click Save.

After you run this tool, you must restart Jazz™ for Service Management.

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