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ITM Install Hangs



ITM Install Hangs

Had a report of an install of 6.3 FP02 hanging on Red Hat 6.6.

The install was started using and was to the default directory, it was using a download of the
code that had been successfully used before on a Red Hat 6.4 machine.  

The install got to the point of

Select one of the following:

1) Install products to the local host.
2) Install products to depot for remote deployment (requires TEMS).
3) Install TEMS support for remote seeding.
4) Exit install.

Please enter a valid number:  1

Initializing ...

Once the 1 was selected,  the initializing started but this took much longer than normal.  
Even leaving for a few hours there was no change.

There were no logs available to show what the errors was.

The first check was to make sure that all the libraries required were installed as are listed in the Install guide.

All were installed and in fact the <component name> script had been run for each component and all the components had passed.

Since there were no logs to indicate the issue the following was done:

 run the install with debug:

1) Edit the script adding set -x after the line:


2) Run the install script and direct the stdout and stderr to a log in
/tmp like:
 ./ 2>&1 | tee -a /tmp/foo.txt

The install was run again, and allowed to run for long enough to be sure it was hung.

The file was then reviewed.

The last section of the file was:

+ mkdir -p /opt/IBM/ITM/logs/prereqscan/20160407-164742/KJR
+ 1> /dev/null 2>& 1
+ [ -d /opt/IBM/ITM/logs/prereqscan/20160407-164742/KJR ]
+ [ -w /opt/IBM/ITM/logs/prereqscan/20160407-164742/KJR ]
+ /home/SCAPM/ITM_V6.3.0.2_BASE_LNX64_EN/unix/prereqchecker/ KJR PATH=/opt/IBM/ITM outputdir=/opt/IBM/ITM/logs/prereqscan/20160407-164742/KJR
+ 1> /dev/null 2>& 1

This showed up an issue with the which is known and fixed in 6.3 FP04.

A newer version of the was supplied (but this could have been taken from  the FP04 or FP05 image)
and replaced the FP02 version:

1) cd to the directory where ITM 6.3 Fixpack 2 was unzip.
2) Move the file ./unix/prereqchecker/ to the /tmp directory
3) Put the script into the <ITM6.3_FP2>/unix/prereqchecker directory
4) Launch the installer

The install then ran correctly.

Obviously not all hangs will give this message, and if it is not clear what the issue is please open a Case;
supply the foo.txt and explain why it was run.

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