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TCR install fails with CTGFI1007E error

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TCR install fails with CTGFI1007E error



TCR install fails with CTGFI1007E error

The error message seen is:

error uid="CRIMA1154E"> Error installing.

</error><error uid="CTGFI1007E">
Port number should be an integer between 0 and 65535

You have entered an invalid port number.

Enter a valid port number.


This is actually a JazzSM message and can be seen on the Registry and Reporting Services installation.

The error is  linked to the DB2 instance and the port used to connect to the database.

To be sure what is wrong first check for the Service name that needs configured to the TCPIP communication protocol with the command:

db2 get dbm cfg

(note: you will have to connect to the db2 instance first)

If this returns an empty value then the following steps are needed to add the SVCENAME:

1) add the following line in /etc/services:

db2c_db2inst1 50000/tcp

2) run the following commands after loading the profile.

db2 update dbm cfg using SVCENAME db2c_db2inst1



db2 get dbm cfg

3) check if value is now set, by using the command db2 get dbm cfg

Once it is confirmed the value is set, the installation can be rerun.

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