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IBM APM 8.1 - Synthetic agent (SN) - How to handle Selenium Scripts?

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IBM APM 8.1 - Synthetic agent (SN) - How to handle Selenium Scripts?


Question: What are currently the supported version of Firefox and selenium IDE for synthetic transaction agent?


- as documented here inside Readme:

 (IF0003 is currently the latest IF available for the SN Synthetic agent, [check if that is still the case using IBM Fix Central web site...])

"Use the command `firefox -version` to check the version installed. If it is not version ESR 52.x.0, update Firefox ESR to version 52.x.0. Versions other than ESR 52 are not supported. Only Firefox ESR flavor is supported with SN agent v814 IF2"


- Selenium IDE is not used for playback on the SN Synthetic agent, it's only used on the 'recorder' system. On the recorder system, download and install Selenium IDE add-on that is matching your current version of Firefox browser, see / access this url from the 'recorder' system:

to see which version of Selenium IDE add-on is compatible with your current Mozilla Firefox browser and let you download and install it.

You need to use at least Selenium IDE add-on version 2.9.1 or higher fixpack. see below IBM  SCPR report. So you may need first to upgrade your current Firefox on your recorder machine to a more recent version.



Selenium IDE version 3.1.x or higher is currently not supported with APM v8.1.4. You can't save recorded scripts as .html files with Selenium IDE v3.1.x. So although Selenium HD web site may recommend to use latest version of Selenium IDE, for APM environment use you still need to use currently Selenium IDE v2.9.1. Later version of Selenium IDE may be supported later in 2018 by APM though. I will update this blog later when I know it's the case.

Support of Selenium IDE 3.x / Firefox v60+ with APM 8.1.4 Synthetic agent (SN) should be introduced with Synthetic Playback (robotic agent SN) V8.1.4 IFix5 package, which upgrades the Monitoring Agent for Synthetic Playback to version

Stay tune, Synthetic Playback (robotic agent SN) V8.1.4 IFix5 package should be available during 1Q2019.

NEW UPDATE (March 2019):

Now, SN agent has new features supported:

Support .side script recorded by Selenium IDE 3.2.X or 3.3.X

Support playback by Firefox 60.4.0 ESR; Firefox must installed into /opt

You need to upgrade your Synthetic agent and use:

and also

For reference about recording a synthetic script by using the Firefox web browser and the Selenium IDE add-on, see: 

Question: Is it possible to upload selenium script generated by other means (not via selenium add-on)?

Answer: Selenium scripts are generated and saved on a "recorder" machine where Firefox and Selenium IDE addon are installed. So the <script_name>.zip file saved from Selenium IDE GUI can be saved locally, or on shared drive, or similar; or you can transfer later the generated selenium <script_name>.zip file on 'another system' if you need so.

Then on this 'another system', or from the same "recorder" machine , you can launch from a web browser the APM server Admin console GUI; and from APM UI, under 'Synthetic Script Manager', you can select your repository/ local directory where the Selenium scripts have been saved.

for reference :

 For the step of upload of the selenium script to the APM server, there is no need of Selenium IDE add-on. Just need a web browser and network access from this browser machine to the repository/ directory location where Selenium scripts have been saved/stored.

NEW UPDATE (Apr 2019):

Now APM 8.1.4 synthetic agent IF0006 is available, see its readme:

it contains a table of comparison for commands working, or not between IDE 3.5.X and SN agent IF06

on SN synthetic agent, Use the command `firefox -version` to check the version. If the version is  not  60.5.1 ESR, update Firefox to version 60.5.1ESR.  Versions other than 60.5.1 ESR  are not supported.

New Features

Support .side script recorded by Selenium IDE 3.2.X 3.3.X or 3.5.X

Support playback by Firefox 60.5.1 ESR

Support more commands such as wait commandsflow control/linkText locator type

Below wait commands are supported

  • wait for element editable
  • wait for element not editable
  • wait for element present
  • wait for element not present
  • wait for element visible
  • wait for element not visible


List of fixes

The following problems are addressed by this interim fix.


IBM Cloud Application Performance Management Synthetic Playback agent defects: 

136886: There is no break down details information for flow control command

136792: We need to remove the hardcode putting firefox 60.4.0 ESR under /opt

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