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ITM Agent Insights: vCSA support with VMware VI monitoring agent

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ITM Agent Insights: vCSA support with VMware VI monitoring agent


Product manuals and Software Product Compatibility Reports do not provide details on whether VMware Appliance based vCenter is supported with Tivoli "VMware VI" monitoring agent.


There is no mention of VMware vCenter Server Appliance - vCSA in any Tivoli Monitoring product documentation.
There is no mention of adding support for vCSA in the "new in this release" information for the various releases of VMware monitoring for virtual servers:!/wiki/Tivoli+Monitoring/page/VMware+VI+Agent


This leaves the question of whether the IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Virtual Environments supports VMware vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA) environments?


Details of product compatibility are typically answered in the Software Product Compatibility Reports (SPCR) tool.
This is where the latest information about supported environments and any requirements as far as specific maintenance for Tivoli Monitoring packages to support an environment would be documented.
SPCR link:

The infocenter for the version of the monitoring product provides links to the SPCR tool for any "prerequisites".
Example for the version of IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Virtual Environments:

SPCR reports direct link:

Review the "Hypervisors" tab in SPCR report.  Tivoli Monitoring documents the list of supported hypervisors based on the ESX / ESXi version, not the vCenter version.
The VMware VI agent doesn't collect any attribute metrics for the vCenter's monitoring parameters, it simply uses the vCenter as an interface for gathering attribute data from the virtualized infrastructure (ESX / ESXi systems).
Tivoli Monitoring for Virtual Environments supports all compatible vCenters with the VI monitoring agent for VMware based on the support of ESX / ESXi version.

To determine which vCenter is supported with which levels of ESX / ESXi, refer to VMware's support matrix:

The question for the support of vCenter levels is answered by the support of hypervisors. Any vCenter that is compatible with a supported level of hypervisor is supported with the VI monitoring agent at that release. 

The support of VMware vCenter Server Appliance - vCSA is no different than the support of a vCenter installed on a Windows machine. 

The vCenter Server Appliance is a preconfigured Linux-based virtual machine optimized for running vCenter Server and associated services. 

A vCSA and vCenter of the same version have the same external functionality, and to third party applications, they are not distinguishable.  All of the API calls that Tivoli Monitoring uses to gather attribute data through a vCenter work the same when gathering the attribute data through a vCSA.


*NOTE* It is required to install the VI monitoring agent "remote" from a vCSA due to the nature of the vCSA environment being a customized Linux box (an
"appliance") that is not a full Linux operating system. The Linux environment that is provided for vCSA is missing multiple prerequisite packages that would
be required for installing any IBM Tivoli Monitoring product, which is why the VI monitoring agent cannot be installed locally on a vCSA.



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Reference DCF technotes:
DCF 1691909 - vCSA support with VMware VI monitoring agent

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