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ITM Agent Insights: Monitoring logs with ITM: LO debugging - Missing subnodes for Tivoli Log File (LO) agent

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ITM Agent Insights: Monitoring logs with ITM: LO debugging - Missing subnodes for Tivoli Log File (LO) agent


If "Tivoli Log File Profile" entries are missing from Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP) navigator tree for subnodes of the LO monitoring agent, verify the permissions / access to necessary applications for the account used to sign-on to the Tivoli Enterprise Portal Server (TEPS) to launch the TEP client .


If the user does not have "Tivoli Log File Profile" application or "All Applications" listed under "Allowed Applications", the subnode entries for profiles are not visible.

permissions / access to necessary applications



This is due to the LO agent being comprised of two distinct applications for display in the TEP.

   "Tivoli Log File Agent"
   "Tivoli Log File Profile"


Use the Administer Users GUI in the TEP to view the "Allowed Applications" for the user.



A user requires both the "Tivoli Log File Agent" AND "Tivoli Log File Profile" applications to be listed under "Allowed Applications", or the user needs to have the generic "<All Applications>" listed under "Allowed Applications".


If the user has the appropriate application access, the navigator in the TEP should show "Tivoli Log File Profile - <subnode>" entries.



If the user ID has necessary application access and there are still issues with navigator items not being displayed, confirm whether the "base" LO agent instance MSN as well as any "subnode" LO agent entries are visible in the output of "tacmd ListSystems" run on the HUB Tivoli Enterprise Monitoring Server (TEMS).



tacmd listSystems:
Managed System Name                             Product Code      Version     Status
ISMSERVER_UI1:paix349:LO                            LO        Y
LO:paix349_ISMSERVER_UI1SystemOu          LO            06.03.02.XX     Y


The Managed System Name (MSN) for the base instance will have a format of:
<instance name>:<system name>:<product code>


The "Version" for the base instance shows a numeric value for the last position, in the above "00".


The MSN for a subnode does NOT contain the instance identifier, and will have the format of:
<product code>:<system name>_<base portion of .conf / .fmt filename, OR SubnodeName value in .conf>


The "Version" for a subnode of an instance shows "XX"  for the last position.



Reference Links:

Version 6.3 > Administrator's Guide > Using Tivoli Enterprise Portal user authorization > Administer Users

Submitter: drd401709
Compid: 5724c04lf
Reference DCF technotes:

DCF 1627831 - Missing subnodes for Tivoli Log File (LO) agent

LFA LO kloagent



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