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SAP agent - Monitoring non-Unicode environment

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SAP agent - Monitoring non-Unicode environment


What to do if you still have SAP non-Unicode environment which you want to monitor?

Why is this a problem?

ITCAM monitoring agent for SAP V7.1.1 does not support non-Unicode SAP environment. The SAP basis 7.0 and above releases do not support non-Unicode, therefore SAP monitoring agent does not contain non-Unicode ABAP transports. For example, 7.1.1 install image contains Unicode transports (K711_00098U.ITM & R711_00098U.ITM), but there are no agent transports for the Non-Unicode. 

Is there a solution?

To monitor non-Unicode SAP systems, you can use the older version 7.1.0 of SAP monitoring agent which includes non-Unicode transports.

The last SAP agent version which supported non-Unicode environment was V7.1.0 FP0002.

How to download the older release of agent?

Follow the steps below to download and install this release.

1) Download the ITCAM agent for SAP V7.1.0 FP2  CD refresh from passport advantage website.

Physical Part Number: ITCAM Agent for SAP Applications CBIM5ML
Electronic Part Number: ITCAM Agent for SAP Applications CN1MIML

2) Install the agent, and to install non-Unicode transport, use instructions under section 5.5 Installing SAP agent transport of the FP0002 Readme (link below).

3) There is one interim fix available for 7.1.0 FP2 level of agent.

Download interim fix by following instructions provided below.

1.    Open the link:

2.    Select the check box next to in the screenshot below, click "Continue".























3. You will be prompted for IBM credentials. The download binaries will be listed as shown in the screenshot.

Following files are available for download. NOTE: If you do not see these downloads listed on the page, try using a different browser. (97.45 MB) (58.93 MB) (67.72 KB)


To download, click on links applicable to your environment.





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