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APM V8 SAP agent does not appear in APM dashboard

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APM V8 SAP monitoring agent does not appear in APM dashboard



The SAP agent is configured correctly from SAP agent image, but when you try to add SAP agent to a dashboard application, the agent does not show up.

Agent version is as follows:

sa   Monitoring Agent for SAP Applications                     aix526


Check if you have following symptoms:

- The ksaagent process is running when agent is started.

- In the logs directory, agent log file named host_sa_ksaagent_INST_*.log in logs directory contains following lines repeating:

(5B6D71EA.0018-1:ksarfcfunctioncallmanager.cpp,157,"SetAbapVersion") SetAbapVersion Exit : 0x0

(5B6D71EA.0019-1:ksarfcfunctioncallmanager.cpp,567,"ProcessFunctionParams") Call to SetAbapVersion

- There are no APM configuration files for the SAP agent instance under localconfig:

For example:

- following directory does not exist:


- There is no sa_INST _agentUUID.txt file in localconfig/sa.

- There are no log files in agent logs directory for connections to APM server, for example there are no log files such as sa_*asfActivity*.log, sa_host_ServerConnectionStatus.txt


If these are your symptoms, the most likely cause is that your ABAP transport for the agent is not at the level of agent code.

Follow these steps to check the level of agent ABAP transport currently imported to SAP system.

Check the output of FM ‘/IBMMON/ITM_HOSTS'

1. Logon to SAPGUI.
2. Execute transaction code ‘SE37'.
3. Enter FM name as ‘/IBMMON/ITM_HOSTS'.
4. Press ‘F8' twice.
5. In the results, check ‘VERSION’ column:

If VERSION column shows then your version is not at the same level of SAP agent code, which is at


To resolve this issue,  import the ABAP transport from the image from which current agent level was installed. In this particular case, remove ABAP transport matching agent  version – and install ABAP transport from level agent image. Steps to do this as as follows:

NOTE: The ABAP transport corresponding to the agent levels in this example are as follows: agent level; ABAP transport: ITMK711_00113 agent level; ABAP transport: ITMK711_00117

1) Stop the agent.

2) Import transport ITMK711_00117U on SAP system:

a) Delete the existing transport using ITMK711_00113_DELETE 

b) Import the transport ITMK711_00117

3) Start the agent.

4) Check if SAP agent detects SAP instance on APM UI.

Refer to following Knowledge Center topic for additional information:

Importing the SAP transport

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