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Message Broker Agent: Resource Statistics workspace shows no data

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Message Broker Agent: Resource Statistics workspace shows no data



You have configured and started Message Broker agent (qi). Some of the agent workspaces show data in TEP (Tivoli portal), however no data is reported in the Resource Statistics workspace.

In this blog entry, we will discuss the steps required to generate Resource Statistics data for a WebSphere Message Broker (aka IBM Integration Bus or IIB for V10).

See the References section for links to related documentation.

Enable Resource Statistics at the IIB node

For Message Broker agent to display "Resource Statistics" data, the statistics needs to be enabled at the broker. To see Resource Statistics data in the workspace, you need to run mqsichangeresourcestats command for the broker. Once the statistics is enabled, the Message Broker collects statistics at interval which is determined by the statisticsMajorInterval (-v) setting at the broker. By default this interval is 60 minutes. You may want to change the interval setting to refresh statistics more (or less) frequently.

  • Check current setting for Statistics Major Interval

            You can check the current setting of Statistics Major Interval on broker by running following command, and check the value of 'Statistics major interval' in the output:

                 mqsireportbroker broker_name

                 Output will include the current setting as follows:

                   Statistics major interval = '60' minutes

  • Set Statistics Major Interval as per your requirement

            To increase the frequency at which statistics is generated by the message broker, you can set a smaller value for statistics interval by using mqsichangebroker command.

                 Note that you will need to stop the broker before running the mqsichangebroker command:

                     mqsistop broker_name

                 Set 'Statistics Major Interval' to 5 minutes - you should set this value according to your requirement.
                     mqsichangebroker broker_name -v 5

                 Start the broker.
                     mqsistart broker_name

            The statistics interval should now be set to 5 minutes.

  • Activate Resource Statistics collection at the broker

            Use mqsichangeresourcestats command to activate Resource Statistics collection on the broker - the broker should be in 'running' state.

                    mqsichangeresourcestats broker_name -c active   

         The message broker will start collecting Resource Statistics at the set interval. There is no need to restart the broker after activating statistics collection.

Check Resource Statistics workspace

Access the Resource Statistics workspace in TEP. The default product provided workspace is JVM Resource Statistics - as seen in screen shot 1. You can access other workspaces from the same node by right clicking the navigator as showing in screen shot 2.


Screen shot 1:


Screen shot 2:



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mqsichangeresourcestats command

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