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TCR 3.1x - Common Reporting icon missing in Dash

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TCR 3.1x - Common Reporting icon missing in Dash


After the installation of JazzSM 1.1.x and TCR 3.1x, i can happen that after the installation the Common Reporting icon on the left hand side is missing.

To bring up the Common Reporting icon, please try the following:

  1) checked if TCR 3.1 is visible from the webinterface:   (https://hostname:port/tarf/servlet/dispatch)                   

        - if it's ok , go to step 2)

        - if TCR is not visible or you can not access the Common Reporting webpage, please re-install TCR

        - go to /IBM/JazzSM/profile/installedApps/JazzSMNode01Cell/isc.ear, and remove the cognosPortlet.war folder.

          The presence of this folder can prevent to run successfully.
  2) reinstalled the TCR (icon on the levet panel by:                
        a) cd /IBM/JazzSM/reporting/integration/dash                    
                 UNIX:                ./  <user> <password>                 

                 Windows:         removeDASHintegration.bat  <user> <password>    

         b)    UNIX:                   ./  <user> <password>                       

                 Windows:           integrationDASH.bat   <user> <password> 

        - the will create the cognosPortlet.war folder again in /IBM/JazzSM/profile/installedApps/JazzSMNode01Cell/isc.ear


  3) restart  the JazzSM server => login and see if the  [Common Reporting] icon now visible on the left hand panel. 
  4) open the TCR and verify if everything works well         






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