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SAP HANA Database agent for ITM v6 Infrastructure

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SAP HANA Database agent for ITM v6 Infrastructure


SAP HANA DB Agent is available for IPM V8.1.x, but there is also a version for ITM V6.3 infrastructure.

It is not directly available on Passport Advantage because it is not included in ITM or ITCAM licenses.
You may want to contact IBM representative to obtain the license and enable download from PPA.

You can find below some information related to the new SAP HANA Database agent:

1.    Name of the package: IBM Monitoring Agent For SAP Hana Database V7.1 Multilingual Multiplatform (CNAM8ML).
2.    Released in April 2016. This is first release of v6 based HANA Agent.
3.    As of today (3/23/2017)  no new fix pack or interim fix has been released on top of first release
4.    User guide link -
5.    Requirements for the monitoring agent i.e. Operating system, ITM and HANA database version support is mentioned in user guide on page 11
6.   This v6 based HANA agent has purposely not been added in ITCAM for Apps or any other existing bundle.
7.    It has been added as a part of v8 based SAP Extension pack with different charge code - IBM Application Performance Management SAP Extension Pack.
8.    V6 and v8 HANA agents have different part number under same eAssembly.
9.    Existing ITCAM/SCAM customers can purchase this agent based on the SAP extension charge code.
10. Recently development team certified SAP HANA 1.0 SPS12 as well as SAP HANA 2.0 for v6 based SAP HANA Agent 7.1 version.


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